Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What do I have in my Pocket? Part II.

There are a lot of things I like in this life, and pocket squares are some of those things. Hand made goods are as well. Repurposed items also. Imagine my delight, Gentle Reader, when I was presented with four brand new pocket squares, hand made, from repurposed material, as a gift. Brilliant. Thank you, A. Wonderful.

Details and photos to follow...

A. made all of these by hand, hems included (which, we'll remember, is something I did not do). She is a better man than I, clearly. This one is my favourite, with its reversed hem and patchwork pattern.

Big fan of the polka dots.

Hand sewn. Nothing beats hand sewn.

The pattern on the second quadrant makes the square. All in the details.

This corner will look great peeking out of a pocket.

This is one of her first. The colours work really well together, and with matching fabric in other squares, my collection will hang together nicely.

This one is simpler, a single piece. Its a repurposed shirt, from my own collection, which no longer fit. I always liked the colour and fabric, so I was really happy to be able to reuse it in someway.

A close up of the fabric reveals the texture and richness of the colour. Again, details.

Another simple one. I like the playfulness of the colour/pattern here.

Hopefully, with a collection like this, I won't be running off on adventures, and forgetting my handkerchiefs. I mean, adventures are fine. But I need my squares.

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