Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Out and About: Another #TieDayFriday, Fall Colours Edition

Although, strictly speaking, it is not Friday. Still, I felt I wanted to get this one out there, late or no. I was busy on Friday, with a new contract, and then the weekend, and finally, poetry on Canadian Thanksgiving. So, here then is the new #TieDayFriday:

I tried to smile in this one, I swear.

My colleague remarked that this is a hard colour to pull off. He thought I did it well. It was nice of him to say that. It can be tough, and truth be told, this is about as late as you can pull it off. Any later, and you risk looking a tad Hallowe'en-y. 

A closer, more focused look.
The sweater is by prep classic Gant, and the shirt by prep slightly-less-classic The Gap. The tie, like many others, is thrifted. It is a thick woolen fabric, and is therefore seasonal. Again, I've gone with the four-in-hand knot. Note that this time, despite the overall casual vibe, I've buttoned down the collars of my shirt. A cleaner look, I find. The jacket we covered. The glasses are by prep classic RayBan. There may be a theme here.

It is not always easy to use the cameraphone.
As a bonus, I'm going to include a haiku I wrote about thanksgiving, in addition to my longer piece:

Thanksgiving is tough,
there is always too much food.
My aunt makes me fat.

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