Saturday, October 4, 2014

Out and About: The Return of #tiedayfriday

Yesterday—Friday—I woke up too early and went to sleep too late. Thus, I am a day late with this post, ostensibly about Friday.
But what a post! What had been an idle promise on facebook has now become real, Gentle Reader.
Some years ago, once again influenced by the wonder of the menswear internet, pressured by over thrifting of a few too many very nice ties, and suffering from the graduate student's general lack of occasions to wear said ties, I decided to take action.
Attempting to institute Tie Day Friday was a moderate success. My recent return to the selfie has inspired me to reinstitute the hallowed tradition starting here and now.
Therefore, I give you #tiedayfriday:
Still no smiles. I'm smiling in one after the jump, inside the Hall. I swear.

A few things of note to those interested: the shirt and tie are thrifted, both cotton, which makes the tie a bit unseasonable, truth be told. The blazer is Old Navy, and the sunglasses are new, which is another fine excuse for a selfie. I've tied a four-in-hand here, one of my go-to knots, as it is favoured by James Bond. I have a strong fondness for Mr. Bond. I've recently read that a casually untightened tie ought to be worn with one's button-down collars un-buttoned down, so I tried that here. I don't think it's for me.
I have almost smiled here, as promised.
#tiedayfriday is a good excuse to break out all those ties you've been sitting on. It's also fun, and can be challenging. I think we should all, every one of us, make the effort to institute our own #tiedayfriday, and shout it from the very mountaintops of social media. Hallelujah, my Brothers and Sisters!
Gentle Reader, I leave it to you to back me up on this one. Tell me about your favorite tie, favorite knot, or get me some selfies to show off; Comments below.

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