Monday, October 17, 2011

WIAT - Casse Croute Edition

My uncle's long awaited casse croute (a frites-stand, in local English; a snack bar in standard English, according to Google) opened in the land of my ancestors (where, you may have guessed, some people, but not all, speak French, after a fashion). It's actually a cantine, which I would also translate as snack bar, although I've heard the English in those parts call it a canteen, which barring the military origin, makes some sense.
In any case, it did not take me long to try out his frites (french fries, for the terminally French impaired) and one of his hamburgers (No translation here, if you can't figure that one out, you are on your own).
More photo, and details (both juicy!), after the jump.

The cantine (if the sign says it, I figure I should probably stick with that) is located along Route 132, a fabled stretch of highway.

I appreciate the flowers. They add to the experience.

Not easy to beat a view like that.

Details, details...

Of course, a few words need to be said about the food.  Cantine food is often a hit or miss affair in these parts. My uncle cuts his own fries, and his beef is locally sourced, which is all a real solid start. The fries are good, and stayed good on all my return visits. It's surprising how often in two weeks I can convince myself I want a cheeseburger.

The portions are reasonable, as are the prices.

My sister's poutine. Which was good.

The cheeseburger was good. As good as any burger I've had in a while. Patty was thin, but there was still a substancial beefy flavour, and the seasoning was sound. Cheese was melted, which is good.

Burgers are a tricky thing. Many people think they know what a good burger is (myself included, I suppose). Is there a standard? A system? Maybe. Serious Eats and their sub blog A Hamburger Today seem to think so, and on some points I agree with them. Still personal taste still varies greatly, though.
So, my uncle's burger: best ever? Maybe not. Good? I think so. I wouldn't have eaten five of them in two weeks if I didn't think so. I look forward to his reopening in the spring. You should stop by, if your in the neighbourhood.

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