Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Out and About, Monday Edition

I have for the large part followed the advice of many, many menswear blogs out there and simplified my wardrobe, buying for quality or wearability. Therefore, I often take a selfie and realize it looks exactly like all my other selfies. Like this one, this one, or this one.

I just love that damn leather jacket. It was my uncle's, and is older than I am.

So the other day, feeling good and wearing clothes I have since purchased so as not to look repetitive, I re-claimed the selfie:

I still don't smile much, I guess.
The jacket, of course, is a waxed cotton hunting jacket, a souvenir from Inverness and inspired by none other than Dr. Watson himself. The crew neck cotton sweater was my father's. I've only recently stared wearing it again based on my ongoing interest in looking like a casual Jack Kennedy. This also explains my great desire for a sailboat.

A better look, perhaps, at the jacket. Still no smile, though.
And that, as they say in France, is that.

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