Sunday, January 30, 2011


I spend some time last weekend combing through some church basements, looking for a few key pieces to round out my wardrobe.  I found what I was looking for, mostly, and because I took a friend, I had a good time doing it.

More details after the break. Read on...
Wool ties were the real reason I wanted to go thrifting. I figured (rightly) that I could save a bundle on secondhand ties. With the exception of the orange stripe, all the ties are wool.

Casual layering was also one of my goals, and to that end, I grabbed a few plaid shirts to wear under my jackets. The blue/white one is lined and quilted. 

Most importantly, I procured a Black tie ensemble. Shawl lapel, all the fittings (cummerbund, braces), although I will need to buy a proper tie, as this one came with a clip-on, which does not interest me. It fits quite well, although I will need to take it to Mr. Nick, my tailor.  The photos don't really do the tux justice, as it is black on black, but you get the idea. Shawl lapels, people.

Truth be told, I may never wear this particular tux. My circle does not include much black tie, and by the time it does, I may very well buy a new one. But, like the menswear blogs like to tell me, every man should have a tux. And now I do.

More thrifting to come in the future, I should think.

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