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WIAT: Dic Ann's Food Truck Edition, or: The Adventure of the Flat Burger

In the spirit of what Turriff Hall was originally about, I wrote a piece about a burger I ate. In a sense, I suppose this is a WIAT post, even though it is strictly speaking, not about today.

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The Experience: Dic Ann’s has been a Montreal-area institution since 1954, but I’d never had the chance to get my hands on one of their burgers. But when they started operating a food truck (after the city of Montreal recently relaxed it by-laws) my combined fondness of burgers and mobile food proved hard to resist. So, on a beautiful sunny day in September, I wandered into Montreal’s historic Old Port, and ordered their cheeseburger. All dressed, of course.
The food truck’s menu is simple, featuring a hamburger, a cheeseburger, a double patty version of each, and the Quatrro, which adds a second slice of cheese to the double cheeseburger. The food truck experience is one I enjoy. The service was quick, and the staff was friendly. A word of warning, though; the Dic Ann’s burger is a messy one, so you may want to sit down in the near-by park to enjoy.

Burgers Ordered: The Cheeseburger all dressed and the Hamburger all dressed.
IMG_1162 IMG_1165
The Taste: Dic Ann’s burgers are pressed flat, incredibly flat, and the their signature feature is a ladleful of their spicy sauce on each burger. The sauce is based around ground meat, and quite hot, reminiscent of chili without the beans. It’s wet, and like I said, it’s messy. I enjoyed the flavour and texture, but my girlfriend said she disliked the sogginess of the whole affair. Dic Ann’s patties are also incredibly thin, and therefore very well done. The sauce adds a fair amount of beef, and helps makes up for the slim patty. I’d probably go for a double next time, all the same. All dressed for Dic Ann’s is mustard, relish, onions and the aforementioned spicy meat sauce.
The Verdict: An enjoyable, messy burger. On the thin side, though, so you’ll want more than one if you’re hungry. The spicy meat sauce is an interesting addition, and Dic Ann’s history, combined with the food truck ambiance, make this a very enjoyable burger experience.

Dic Ann’s Food Truck is located at the Old Port of Montreal. It closes in mid-October so get out there soon. Dic Ann’s proper can be found at these locations.

Thanks to BurgerWeekly, and please let me know if there are any burgers you think I ought to eat.

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