Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WIAT, or rather, What I ate on Sunday...

Sunday, the day of rest. Or Brunch. Which ever. Maybe both.

My buddy invited me over last Sunday for smoked salmon. Home-smoked smoked salmon.

More pictures inside...

What we ate:
Home smoked brandy-maple smoked salmon
Cream cheese

Simple? Yes. Delicious? Yes. Look at that salmon:

My friend and his wife set a lovely board:

Picture of my boots on the walk home. Gorgeous, sunny day, if a bit cold:

And that is what I ate on Sunday. Truth be told, on account of the left overs that my friend gave me, that is also what I've eaten every day since, and one day, because I had left over egg whites, I included an egg white omelette. Which worked quite well.

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