Monday, January 17, 2011

Style vs. Fashion

I'm not going to flat out say that I agree with everything The Effortless Gent has to say about style and fashion. Sometimes, this debate seems to get a bit vicious, with the style camp looking down at the fashion camp. This is actually addressed in a post at Dappered this morning. Style, according to Dappered, includes class, and class means not judging others.
But there are a few interesting points raised, even if the Gent seems to get a bit judgemental. The Gent's ultimate point, is after all, to be oneself in one's clothes, to "Be real. Do you".  This is solid style advice, and can be applied much more broadly than clothing. Indeed, Dappered's admonition concerning class is a good one as well.
Good day to dress like a man, apparently.

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