Monday, March 28, 2011

WIAT (Purim Edition)

Clearly, for those of you conversant with Jewish holidays, this is not strictly speaking what I ate today, but rather some days ago.
Purim is a Jewish holiday celebrating the deliverance of the Jewish people from the Persians, by the actions of Esther. The story, which I do not feel I am really well informed enough to tell here, involved some feasting, like many good bible stories, and no small amount of slaughter, also a hallmark of good biblical narrative. It also involved a rather unlikable fellow named Haman, who meets a grim end on the gallows, I gather. In any case, one of the traditions on Purim is to eat hamantashen, which are named after Haman's ears, or maybe his three cornered hat. Any way, people eat them on Purim, which I did. First introduced to hamantashen last fall (not anytime around purim at all) I looked forward to getting my hands on some again. And so, while out and about with a certain someone, I, rather, we, picked up a box. Along with some cupcakes. I don't have any pictures of the cupcakes, as I hit them pretty hard, and few survived long enough for photographic evidence. But I saved some of the hamantashen for breakfast the next day.
Here we are:

And hey, look at that. Everybody has these plates. I know.

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