Thursday, March 31, 2011

Made in Canada

American menswear and lifestyle blogs and sites all seem to place a premium on American-made goods. And I understand the argument. As a Canadian, however, I've begun to notice that the Made in Canada idea doesn't seem to get as much traction. I've talked about this with some of my friends, but we've never really come to any conclusions or had any major insight. Market size, I suppose. Or Canada's long standing habit of buying from the US.

In any case, I've been keeping my eye out for Made in Canada stuff, and today I came across a company that makes ties, called Dolbeau, right here in Montréal.

Ties. Gotta love 'em. I'm thinking of instituting some sort of Tie-day Friday (get it? do ya get it? Friday, Tie-day?).

Sigh. Look, let me know if you know any good Made in Canada stuff, and whether or not you wear a tie, especially on Friday, k?

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