Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day Brunch (At Home)

Ah Christmas!
Early morning, Cinnamon coffee, family, and the joy of gift-giving. Also, Christmas brunch.  Often, my Aunt does such a thing, inviting to many family members, and feeding us to the point of severe discomfort. Glorious.  Alas, she is out of town this holiday season, and so, we fended for ourselves. All told I feel we made a good showing of ourselves.

Details and closeups following the jump, Gentle Reader...

Of course, one cannot have brunch (or prepare brunch, for that matter) without a few tunes...

Highlights include a cheese board:

My sister started with the bacon,

My mom took a break, leaving the grunt work to the younger generation:

I handled the potatoes.  The secret to potatoes is to use a cast iron pan.  This one has been in the family for years. A must for good potatoes...

My camera (maybe iPhoto) thinks my bacon needs to be bluish...

 Uncooked eggs. Already scrambled, though.  Simply undercooked, is all.  Still, they got cooked eventually:

Feet up after a filling meal:

Christmas was good.  Christmas Brunch was good as well.  You, Gentle Reader? How was yours?

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